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I drew a thing!

Which is hardly news, I know.

imageMore importantly, I found the thing!  If you saw my freak out Friday, you know that I drew a special something for the Bloggess and then sat on it (figuratively) for MONTHS, which is terribly hard for me.  I am the worst secret keeper and Dumbledore should not choose me.  And then, the night before the book signing, Icouldn’t find it!

But then I did.  And then I got worried that giving someone a drawing of themselves is creepy and stalkerish, but I’m pretty sure that’s only true if you put some of their hair in the drawing or used it as a paintbrush.  Which I did not do, because I am not that level of creepy and where would I even get the Bloggess’ hair?

Sorry.  Tomorrow I’ll tell an adorable story about a kitten, I promise.


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