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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Sometimes you can describe a whole lifestyle in one sentence. Also, I’m freaking out.


This phrase just came up in conversation with a friend, and I had to stop to admire it because it just says so much.  Sorry, A, I tease because I love.

In other news, I did a super special drawing to give the Bloggess at her signing today, and I managed to not show it to you for MONTHS, and I’m terrible at keeping secrets, and I put the sketch pad somewhere very safe so I would not misplace it because I know how I do.

You know what happened next.  I searched and searched and SEARCHED last night, and nope.  And then I thought, “Well, I scanned it, so at least I can give her a print, and then send her the awesome glittery original when I find it,” which would be unsatisfying but acceptable.  Except I never scanned it, I just took a picture with my phone.  So okay, got the photo into Photoshop, edited the crap out of it, and it won’t print right.

So IF I can get it printed somewhere today and it looks okay, I will at least have something?  And if not I will have a story of freaking out and failing at a thing, which feels somehow appropriate, I guess, but GRRRRRRRRR.


UPDATE!  It was in the front seat of the car all along!  I am a jackass, but I am a jackass with a present for the Bloggess!  Now to worry about whether I’ll seem like a creepy stalker.

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