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Monthly Archives: November, 2013

This is going to be worse than that time he went to the luau. . .

  Oh, by the way, I just finished putting together a calendar, because clearly that’s exactly what your friends and family need for the coming year: a calendar full of … Continue reading

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I always worry when he gets out the goggles. You know, as delightful as that Buzzfeed list of Thanksgivvukah foods is, and as much as I enjoy the existence of … Continue reading

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Sorry, no cartoon yet.

I have some drawn, I swear, but I got busy last night re-ordering my Dad’s Hannukah present because I was reeeeally tired when I thought I placed the order a … Continue reading

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It’s in dialect. Aren’t you excited?

Actually, there are three different dialects, and some blank verse, and a short sung section.  That’s cool, right?  You won’t cut him off before the end?  It’s really the best … Continue reading

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Sorry, Austin. This is the last time I’ll pick on you for at least 2 weeks. Probably.

Anyway, I’ve realized that I really need to stop telling people that Houston is awesome, because it’s too damn crowded already.  I take it all back!  We have no vibrant, … Continue reading

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Three guesses why I didn’t have time to post earlier.

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I’m tiiiiiired.

This is a repeat, but it’s what I need today, because I watched a movie last night that fucked my shit up and gave me terrible nightmares, and I’m both … Continue reading

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Can you tell I’m a little rusty? I really am. Or maybe he just put on weight since I haven’t exercised him much lately.

Seriously, it’s amazing how much I lose the knack of drawing him after a few weeks off.  Anyway, this was drawn at that same art auction this weekend, when someone … Continue reading

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And once again, his ice cream dreams are foiled. Mwahaha.

I did not recall until after I drew the latest installment in the ‘Neurotic Owl never gets his ice cream’ thread that I’ve already done a cartoon where he’s simply … Continue reading

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Or possibly a dot. One of those.

I was actually at an art auction this weekend (proceeds benefit Project Row House!), and got to chatting with a few acquaintances/friends of acquaintances/random artists, all of whom know my … Continue reading

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