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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

I’m tiiiiiired.


This is a repeat, but it’s what I need today, because I watched a movie last night that fucked my shit up and gave me terrible nightmares, and I’m both super sleepy and scared to go to sleep.  Curious about which movie?

(You should really start reading from the bottom up, unless you want this to be even less linear than it is.  Even better, turn on the movie and see if you can sync up!  Or, you know, have a life.)

Screenshot 2013-11-22 21.05.47

Screenshot 2013-11-22 21.05.28 Screenshot 2013-11-22 21.04.53

I should perhaps make it clear that ‘The Dark Knight’ is an excellent movie and it is my own scaredy-cat brain’s fault that it has left me a quivering heap of jelly.  All snarkery was a desperate attempt to save myself from an acute attack of the collywobbles, or maybe the heebie-jeebies.  Some cutesy word that means stomach churning terror, anyway.

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