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Monthly Archives: July, 2013

I’m impressionable.

So Redbubble sent me an email, all, “Hey, moron!  Make an iphone case!  People like iphone cases!” and while I doubt anyone is actually going to buy it, far be … Continue reading

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200 posts! Good lord.

I couldn’t decide which drawing was fun enough for the 200th post, so here.  Have a ton (of my old favourites)!

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This Saturday: Shit I Said on Twitter

I can go weeks without posting anything except blog links on Twitter, and then shit like this goes down.  Sorry I’m the worst at embedding screencaps/figuring out the Twitter widget.  … Continue reading

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More travel!

I has a sad because I had hoped to be able to plan a trip to Oregon to visit some dear friends this summer and maybe go to Voodoo Donuts … Continue reading

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Thus, the flowers in her hair.

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Sorry I was too tired last night. Have a bonus link!

He would have drawn the mascot on the flag if he knew what it was.   Since I’m currently working for my . . . wait, it’s not your alma … Continue reading

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Shakespeare! But not the two I’m working on, a totally different one.

+5 to awesomeness if you know the play.  Don’t be skeered, y’all, C. can’t win every time!  (He probably can.  Remind me to tell you about the time he basically … Continue reading

July 23, 2013 · 2 Comments

Another change of pace that will doubtless leave you singing an Avenue Q song in your head all damn day. You’re welcome.

This was, not gonna lie, my third attempt at drawing a seahorse, because apparently when I’m sleepy and someon says ‘Do a seahorse!’ I can’t remember what they look like.  … Continue reading

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Saturday! I have not time for non-work art right now, so. . . .podcasts anyone?

I listen to a LOT of podcasts.  No, seriously, a ton.  They make me happy when skies are grey and fabrics are blotchy.    If you’re fancy enough to read a … Continue reading

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Sleeping Owly

I know I’m using the ‘this won’t end well’ tag, but I promise it’ll end better than the original.  You know, the one where the prince rapes the sleeping princess, … Continue reading

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