Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Another change of pace that will doubtless leave you singing an Avenue Q song in your head all damn day. You’re welcome.


This was, not gonna lie, my third attempt at drawing a seahorse, because apparently when I’m sleepy and someon says ‘Do a seahorse!’ I can’t remember what they look like.  The first one had a foofy mermaid tail, and the second one had the curly tail, but facing the wrong way.  Screw you, seahorse.

Also, please be nice to turtles, unless they’re those giant turtles up near Cooperstown that hang out on the road just waiting for a nice person to try and move them so they won’t get run over and then run after you surprisingly fast hoping to bite the fuck out of you.  Not me, a friend; I think I was the one driving.

Screw you too, bitey decoy turtles.  You give adorable turtles a bad name.

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