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Monthly Archives: June, 2016

Charlie’s sitting with his back to me staring fixedly into the closet, and I’m pretty sure it’s a message.

Ye cat-dosing fun continueth.

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Of cat pills and such.

So Charlie does not have bladder cancer (YAY!), and his kidneys are fine.  He does have a thicker intestine than he should, which is apparently a possible reason he’s not … Continue reading

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I don’t know what to say anymore.

This just keeps happening, and we keep fighting for gun control, and these fucking dinosaurs who want to crouch in their bunkers clutching their giant gun boners WILL NOT find … Continue reading

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Step three (-ish, since I’m working on lots of bits in a non-linear fashion): PUPPET.

So here’s what I started with — a lovely and charming shoulder dragon puppet I bought at TRF years ago, and also haven’t used in years.  Apologies to the maker, … Continue reading

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Step two: Utility belt of useful utility!

Remember when I said I needed to find fabric to make a utility belt?  Hahahahahahaha duct tape, bitches.  It is fabulous. Anyway, forgive the slightly crumply pouches, that’s what happens … Continue reading

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Step one: acorn earrings.

I’m actually several steps past this now, but I want to ration these out and not blow my wad on the bestest bit right away.  (If you’re assuming the bestest … Continue reading

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