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Step three (-ish, since I’m working on lots of bits in a non-linear fashion): PUPPET.

File Jun 09, 9 03 23 PM

So here’s what I started with — a lovely and charming shoulder dragon puppet I bought at TRF years ago, and also haven’t used in years.  Apologies to the maker, but sometimes you just need a base.  Now that I’m taken him apart and put a new guy together, I could do it from scratch, but not without doing it that way first.

I didn’t photograph the first step, because I am a jerk and also there wasn’t much to see.  Covered the head in my skin fabric; wrapped a scrap bit around the body to try to keep all that marabou out of the way.  This is where I had started padding out the head, making the back rounder, adding to the cheeks and nose, and smoothing out the forehead.  This is also where I SHOULD have added the eyes, before the final skin, but nope.

Next layer — a smooth layer of skin over everything.  This is when I decided I was happy with the head shape.  (I was wrong.)


File Jun 09, 9 00 16 PM

Oops, skipped a ton of steps.  Anyway, I thought I was done!  I thought I loved it!  I thought wrong, so the next day I reshaped the face some more, redid the eyes, and put the skin over them so I could slice the lids open instead of adding them on.  (There is no way to describe this where I don’t sound like a monster.)

And tada, Tippy-toe!  I do have one little thing to do – right now the mechanism spins so freely that he ends up with his head on backwards if I’m not careful.  I’m going to add a wee little piece of elastic between the back of the neck and head to control that.

Yay fluffy thingy!  He lives on top of a bookcase for now, since both cats want to murder him muchly.

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