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I don’t know what to say anymore.

This just keeps happening, and we keep fighting for gun control, and these fucking dinosaurs who want to crouch in their bunkers clutching their giant gun boners WILL NOT find it in themselves to have any respect at all for human life.

And the hate keeps coming, for women and people of any sexuality other that het, and any religion that isn’t Christianity, or in fact the haters’ extremely narrow brand of bullshit Christianity, and anyone who isn’t white as the driven snow (and fuck you, no one is).

And I’m running out of things to say when some crazy asshole takes out his (always his, have you noticed?) hate and rage on innocent people.

Anyway.  I drew this back when the Boston marathon bombing happened.  I wish I didn’t keep needing it.


But we will keep fighting.  You are right to be scared, dickheads, because we are going to take away your ridiculous overpowered too damn many bullets in a second guns, because YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE THEM.  We are going to keep going to gay clubs and pride parades, and you will not stop anyone with fear, because the LGBTQ+ community knows from fighting back.  We will fight back with glitter and boas and joy and inappropriate leather chaps, and also with fucking serious legislation, because have you seen the strides gay rights have been making lately?  As Lin Manuel Miranda said, love is love is love is love, and in the end, love WILL win.

(Adjani and Brigitte are changing their relationship status to ‘Fuck you, we’re awesome’)

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