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Of cat pills and such.


So Charlie does not have bladder cancer (YAY!), and his kidneys are fine.  He does have a thicker intestine than he should, which is apparently a possible reason he’s not absorbing nutrients well enough.  So, he’s on steroids for two weeks to hopefully reduce the inflammation and get his weight up, and then we’ll check in with the vet again.  There’s still a chance of lymphoma, but I think he has gained some mass the last few days on the meds, and that’s a good sign.

Of course, now I have to get two pills a day for two weeks into his fuzzy face.  Before you guys start listing treats and tricks, I tried EVERYTHING and nothing works except this plastic contraption that shoots the pill into his mouth.  It’s no fun for either of us, but it’s working, so yay.

Anyway, this is a callback to last week, when I tried every possible food item on him and they were all summarily rejected.  More tomorrow!


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