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Monthly Archives: March, 2018

Ugh with the wordplay already.

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More preview, more stalling.

New cartoons soon, I SWEAR.  But I’m in the middle of fitting week worked around day job week + the very special hell that is formatting for someone who just … Continue reading

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A wee little preview.

Still working on the book, but I’ve now left the basic formatting hell behind and entered special Amazon formatting hell, so progress! That should give you a fair idea of … Continue reading

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Reruns, but for a reason?

Quite a while back now, I sat down at a friend’s birthday party with a freshly acquired pack of ATCs, planning to doodle a decorative owl covered in swirly designs … Continue reading

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A PSA re: mugs, the gifting thereof.

I was going to just post my first rant on Facebook and leave it at that, since complaining about gifts is a real dick move, but apparently nearly everyone I … Continue reading

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Things that date me.

Well, this is going to appeal to a very specific age range.

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Click to embiggen.  I say that a lot. Sorry, it’s been kind of a bonkers week, but mostly just mentally.  I was also very busy dealing with theatre-y stuff, so … Continue reading

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