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More preview, more stalling.

New cartoons soon, I SWEAR.  But I’m in the middle of fitting week worked around day job week + the very special hell that is formatting for someone who just likes to draw with a pen on paper and has no real graphic design skills.

So, here’s the cover.

nobook cover.jpg

I didn’t want to do a collage of lots of cartoons, and I was stumped and scrolling through my files looking for something suitably silly.  I think I’m happy with this.  It’s a little dumb and homemade looking, but if you have issues with that you’re probably not a fan of anything I draw either, so.

Also I’m pretty sure I majorly pissed off a friend today by (I thought playfully) correcting her spelling online, and I know that pisses people off but YOU KNOW WHO I AM.  I’m super tired of this pushback that it’s not okay to help someone out when their spelling skills have failed.  If you (the internet at large) find it embarrassing, by all means edit your post and delete my comment.  Would you rather have everyone see your made up word?  I have held back for AGES on so many damn posts, but I’m kind of done.  I mean, seeing my correction irritates people for a second; seeing their spelling issue will drive me crazy all. damn. day.  I do make allowances for friends who are clearly dyslexic, but if you are in general perfectly capable of typing real words and sentences, I don’t see why it’s so awful to correct a slip-up.

This is why nobody loves Punctilious Jellyfish.  I do realize that, truly.


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