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Monthly Archives: August, 2013

Saturday! Time for linkseseseses.

So I realize not everybody has the option of seeing Turrell’s work in person, and that’s a shame, since it just isn’t the same on film.  Still, since this is … Continue reading

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OK, I lied. I’m going to show you my favourite Modigliani because PRETTY.

Of course, Modigliani did soooooo many reclining nudes that I can’t possibly tell you how I picked a favourite, but this is it.   I know her when I see her, … Continue reading

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Notice how I’m not linking to pictures of the artist’s work? That’s your job.

It’s the teacher in me, I’m afraid, although I’m sure you’ve all seen at least one Claes Oldenburg.  (OK, honestly, it’s just really hard to add pictures I don’t already … Continue reading

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Art owls! Huzzah!

Since I mentioned the Turrell exhibit yesterday (and, I think, misspelled his name), I thought we’d start with this one. Also, another favourite poem for you:   Nobody heard him, … Continue reading

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Sorry I didn’t get around to posting again yesterday! To make up for it, please accept another two-parter.

Why yes, that IS Sir Robin’s tabard.  Who else could it possibly be? In other news, I went to the museum with my mom this past weekend, so expect to … Continue reading

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This isn’t a real post. This is just a thing.

So I’ll get more cartoons scanned when I get home and do a real post then, but I was just thinking about this, and god forbid I have a thought … Continue reading

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Does that look like bubble wrap? I was trying for bubble wrap.

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Happy Saturday! It’s a cartoon, true, but it’s a different cartoon.

In case you missed the saga of Melanie & Steve thus far: Oh, Melanie.  It’s hard to feel bad for you when you keep making terrible life choices.  That is … Continue reading

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A two-parter for a change.

This was requested ages ago – the first half, that is.  I just didn’t have an idea for how to make it visual or a story till now.  Sorry it … Continue reading

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His mother named him Lance, but we call him Socially.

So this one was another special request, and sorry in advance, friends who’ve already seen it on Facebook!  Basically, I was at a party with friends taking pictures of Tiddles … Continue reading

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