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Saturday! Time for linkseseseses.


So I realize not everybody has the option of seeing Turrell’s work in person, and that’s a shame, since it just isn’t the same on film.  Still, since this is the best I can do for you, here’s a very nice video from the Guggenheim.  Also, the MFAH website has a shorter but equally good video here, and that photo at the top is of the room I mentioned where you have to take off your shoes.  I can’t describe to you how disconcerting that room is — the floor slopes down towards the back, subtly enough that it’s hard to be sure it’s not your imagination and making you feel like you’re falling into the room.  The walls are hazy and indistinct, with no corners to orient on, and the light feels strangely solid.


This is a really good spot to check out lots of Oldenberg’s collaborations with Coosje van Bruggen, but when I drew this, I was thinking of his soft sculptures, which you can see a few of here.  Delightful, no?

The last artist I want to link to today is another challenge, because scale is integral to his work, so photos of the work alone don’t really. . . well, work.  Luckily, I found another video.  I was living in New York when this was at the Whitney and was really upset that I didn’t manage to see it before it closed (I’m bad at dates), so it was an amazing surprise when we went to the MFAH and it had just arrived!  I went twice.  Charles LeDray’s sense of humour and layered meanings is part of what really makes his work rise above the impeccable, insane, obsessive craftsmanship, which would be brilliant in its own right.  There was one piece in particular that rewarded closer study — in this case, reading the card on the wall.SW_WORKS.image.2402.w300

It’s one of the few non-miniature pieces, and it looks less intriguing than some of the others at first.  I should probably mention that LeDray has numerous pieces where he’s carved/constructed objects out of human bone – tiny chairs, tables, even an insanely delicate astrolabe – so this one seems a little obvious and easy until you read that it’s carved from ivory.  The one time he wanted something to look like a human bone, of COURSE it’s not.  Anyway, don’t be shocked if Ch’Owls LeDray pops up sometime soon.

That’s enough for one day, I think.

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