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Makeup by Adobe, of course.


This actually does relate back to that museum trip — there was another really nice exhibit of photo manipulation before Photoshop, starting with novelty and art photographs from the Victorian era.  I was sad not to see any Julia Margaret Camerons, but there were soooo many other neat images!  There’s a good review with a few of the images here.

Also, sorry I didn’t post yesterday, but I got busy with a variety of projects, including posting all 26 Owlphabet drawings on my Redbubble store because J asked me to, so really, it’s his fault.  Oh, and don’t be horrified if you see a $90 pricetag on something – there are a variety of choices down to pretty inexpensive cards and stickers.  You don’t have to buy a framed canvas of my doodles, I promise.

Of course, looking at Redbubble got me thinking about another project, so I’m working on putting together a 2014 calendar of existing and new cartoons.  We’ll see how it goes.  Also, I have a show to design and an opera company to work for and both Wonder Woman and Boo (Monsters Inc., not Radley) costumes to make, so I get distracted easily on my days off.Image_Resize_Medium.asp

Oh my god, y’all.  I just realized that, if I get my act together and make this thing, I could have a sleeping bag day and cosplay at a convention AT THE SAME TIME.  Fucking genius.  Now I just need to plan in icepack pockets and make it easy to carry for when I inevitably have to go outside and take it off because Atlanta is HOT.

See you tomorrow!

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