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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

But when he does, he clearly drinks far too much.

I can sympathize today.  In case you thought I was constantly bitching and moaning about my physical ailments, I’d just like to point out that my neck’s been in spasm … Continue reading

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He’s going to need a bigger hat.

. . . but at least the bunny is unlikely to eat him.  And he’ll be great at that trick where the magician turns his head all the way around. … Continue reading

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And has a sexy pillow fight. And then Manic Pixie Otter tried to braid his feathers, but we don’t talk about that.

Clearly he’s distracted from the pillow fight by concerns about having to buy new feather pillows tomorrow.  In fact, I remembered I had this one sitting around because last night … Continue reading

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Don’t panic.

This isn’t actually especially true today, but when it is true, I don’t have the wherewithal to draw it, so better to get it out there when I’m feeling okay … Continue reading

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Dude, when I do learn to ride a bike, there will be streamers and a basket and a bell. I’m basically Pheobe.

Phoebe from ‘Friends’, not Phoebe from Eight Cousins.  I also make up really stupid songs for my cat. If you’re laughing now and wondering how a 34-year-old woman manages to … Continue reading

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Belated stuff-that-isn’t-cartoons-post!

Clearly yesterday I was still in weekday headspace, since I posted a cartoon instead of my usual Saturday randomness, so here: In case you have any doubts, of COURSE the … Continue reading

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Feel free to interpret this in any way you choose.

Is the song stuck in your head yet?  What if I add that, if she had the chance, she’d ask the world to dance? BTW, if you ever really want … Continue reading

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A is for Amy who fell down the stairs. . .

Dude, if you don’t already know The Gashleycrumb Tinies, then you have missed out on the creepiest darkest most delightful alphabet book evahr.  Go read it noooooooooow.

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This one’s only sort of a rerun. New cartoons tomorrow, I promise.

After much more agonizing than was strictly necessary, I picked which designs to order magnets of  for ApolloCon.  I then promptly regretted one of my decisions, because that’s who I … Continue reading

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Reposting this one because I’m tired and sad and grumpy and not currently clinically depressed, so thank goodness for that.

  Sorry for the repost, y’all, but it’s been a rough week already and I have plenty of drawings, but none scanned.  Anyway, I’m having my delightful monthly reminder that … Continue reading

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