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Belated stuff-that-isn’t-cartoons-post!

Clearly yesterday I was still in weekday headspace, since I posted a cartoon instead of my usual Saturday randomness, so here:

clockhat2 clockhat3

In case you have any doubts, of COURSE the clock works.  Would I do you like that?clockhat1clockhat4

It’s unfortunately a pretty heavy hat, but there is a limit to my caring because purty.

3 comments on “Belated stuff-that-isn’t-cartoons-post!

  1. Tanaista
    May 27, 2013

    I love that the top opens to show the clock more clearly, and that it actually works. That is always something I check, I know it isn’t always possible, but it really makes a difference. Hats are always good anyway. I would have done the lines slightly different in the top hat, but the tiny brim with the net works great with the clock.

    • naralesser
      May 27, 2013

      Thanks! The downside of the working clock is that it’s a hella heavy hat. I can wear it comfortably for about an hour, but then I need a break. That being said, I have a bad neck, so it might be less of an issue for others.

  2. Tanaista
    May 28, 2013

    hmm, yes I would have that issue as well. Your comment brings to mind the possibility particularly available in Steampunk for some sort of additional support. Many Steampunk pieces have extensions to the should or or other areas for a more elaborate style. Not necessarily an option here, but it does fill my brain with floating images and ideas for top hats as full accouterments and such. or designed to be lifted like opera glasses…oh, they just grow.

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