Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Feel free to interpret this in any way you choose.


Is the song stuck in your head yet?  What if I add that, if she had the chance, she’d ask the world to dance?

BTW, if you ever really want to creep someone out, I highly suggest slow-reciting song lyrics at them, ideally by segueing from the conversation.  ‘Wind Beneath my Wings’ works well, but any love/inspirational song is a good bet. ‘You know, I do believe that the children are our future.  We should really teach them well, and possibly even let them lead the way. . . ”  Bonus points if you get through a full verse before they catch on.

Ooh, now I have a new plan for door-to-door Bible folk!

I’m getting moving a little later than originally planned today because my cat spent the morning doing this:



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