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Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Yoga is hard, yo.

“I call this pose ‘gracefullest kitteh’.” – Lord Charles of Ploppington, baron of the remote.

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It’s a love that will last forever.

Coming soon-ish, various other characters marrying items I’ve promised to marry.  For instance, cheese.

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As drawn by the girl who just apologized to a table for bumping into it.

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Mic drop.

Oh, please, do tell me all about how white cisgendered straight Christian men have it harder than anybody.  I’ll just be over here, loading a Nerf gun with Tampons.  You … Continue reading

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Because he is, in fact, a decent human being.

I’m not so much up to reopening this topic, because I just bowed out of a Facebook thread that got argue-y fast (and then bowed back in for a second … Continue reading

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Parties are scary sometimes anyway.

I’m very lucky to have found friends who both throw totally non-scary parties and are also pretty great about letting you know, clearly and specifically, when you’re invited.  Still, you … Continue reading

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You know how people are always supposed to choose between flying or invisiblity?

If they were a superhero, I mean.  I want to be the kind of person who says flying, but there are too many times when being able to disappear would … Continue reading

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A leetle break, I think, after yesterday, and because a certain A requested an owl in a dirndl.  If he ends up marrying Christopher Plummer and becoming stepmother to 7 … Continue reading

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Today will not be funny or cheerful. Sorry.

So there’s a thing I haven’t talked about here yet, but this new character means that I sort of need to address it.  As with all of the other intensely … Continue reading

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BUBBLE PIPE. That is all.

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