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Monthly Archives: May, 2014

Dies ist ein sehr betrunken otter.

Please feel free to correct Google’s German.  And I know, I know — I just did Neurotic Owl at Oktoberfest in the paper dolls, and it’s not even Oktober.  I … Continue reading

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Darn those hollow bird bones!  

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Because invading the Earth for our copper or our women or whatever is just silly.

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Curse you, wasabi!

And before you get all smug and say that wasabi isn’t that hot, please keep in mind that this is my cartoon and I am a spice wimp.  Feel free … Continue reading

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Pausing while a few of you look up ‘slashfic’. . . ah. There you go.

Have any of you read ‘Fangirl’, by Rainbow Rowell?  I’m a little less than halfway through listening to it and the only thing pacing me is that it’s an audiobook … Continue reading

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Cursive is hard, yo.

Seriously, when was the last time YOU used script?  And if your answer is, “Five minutes ago.  I hand calligraph letters to all my friends beautifully and can absolutely remember … Continue reading

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Oh, look! A post! It’s like I’m reliable or something. Mostly or something.

I’m just going to leave this here: It’s clearly not the best quality video, but this is the first version I remember from mah childhood (except in black and … Continue reading

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