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A leetle break, I think, after yesterday, and because a certain A requested an owl in a dirndl.  If he ends up marrying Christopher Plummer and becoming stepmother to 7 … Continue reading

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Today will not be funny or cheerful. Sorry.

So there’s a thing I haven’t talked about here yet, but this new character means that I sort of need to address it.  As with all of the other intensely … Continue reading

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BUBBLE PIPE. That is all.

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Dies ist ein sehr betrunken otter.

Please feel free to correct Google’s German.  And I know, I know — I just did Neurotic Owl at Oktoberfest in the paper dolls, and it’s not even Oktober.  I … Continue reading

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Darn those hollow bird bones!  

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Because invading the Earth for our copper or our women or whatever is just silly.

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