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Pausing while a few of you look up ‘slashfic’. . . ah. There you go.


Have any of you read ‘Fangirl’, by Rainbow Rowell?  I’m a little less than halfway through listening to it and the only thing pacing me is that it’s an audiobook and there’s a limit to how much I drive, but it is SOOOOOOO good.  SO GOOD.  It’s one of those library finds where I read a review of it awhile back (almost certainly on because Raych is awesome) and then ran across at the library and said yay!

And in case you’re wondering what it has to do with the cartoon, the protagonist writes slashfic, so there you go.  She’s also delightful and flawed in ways that are not just underhanded ways of saying she’s perfect — “Ew, my hair’s so glossy and I’m so thin!  Why am I so hideous?” — but with actual flaws.  Yay flaws!

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