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Because he is, in fact, a decent human being.


I’m not so much up to reopening this topic, because I just bowed out of a Facebook thread that got argue-y fast (and then bowed back in for a second to mic drop this cartoon), so just suffice to say that it is not too much to expect adult humans to react to rejection in a mature and controlled fashion.  Sure, vent to a close friend if necessary, cry on a pillow, whatever, but if you claim to be a nice guy and respond to a polite no by calling a woman a bitch-faced cunt or similar, you don’t deserve to interact with humans of either gender.  You douchebag.




*There is no actual current douchebag in my life — this is a generalized response to experiences shared by many, many women with men who use phrases like ‘women only want assholes’ and ‘friendzoned’; i.e., douchebags.


Trying to strangle a lady with your belly?  Inappropriate.

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