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Parties are scary sometimes anyway.


I’m very lucky to have found friends who both throw totally non-scary parties and are also pretty great about letting you know, clearly and specifically, when you’re invited.  Still, you know when people are talking about going to see a movie, or out to dinner, or whatever, and it sounds super fun but you just can’t tell if they’re inviting you or just talking about it in front of you?  And it goes both ways, because you should be able to say that you have plans without being automatically required to extend those plans to everyone within hearing distance.  The only thing more sad and awkward than sitting at home missing out on something you wanted to go to and thinking that maybe you could have gone is having to tell someone that, oops, you’re really sorry, but the plans you mentioned are somebody else’s party, to which you do not have the power to invite people.

And ugh, Facebook invites.  They are handy and great, but I always miss somebody I should have checked because lists are hard, or I have to decide which category to invite, because Firefly friends do not always mix with work friends do not always mix with family friends, and also, how many people can I find space for?

I’m tired now.

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