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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

No big story behind this one. He just likes eggs.

He really likes eggs. Oswynnnnnnnnnn!  (I just realized I totally left off the Dalek’s ears.  Well, not ears, but thingys that sit about where ears would.  I would not win … Continue reading

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I think there may be a few more installments in this little story. How do you make a GIF again?

Oh, Neurotic Owl.  This is an even worse plan than the cat. “So many fuzzies!”  

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Seriously, y’all. This is not a word. Don’t make adorable otters stabby.

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In which I succumb to peer pressure.

Of course, I also started this blog because of peer pressure, so this is all your fault, peers.  Anyway, The Bloggess and Filing Jointly have both done Rules for Life … Continue reading

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He’s the least feared bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Don’t sue me, George Lucas!  Look, a shiny object!

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Just a reminder that not everything cats do is adorable.

A lot of stuff is, though.  Like purring loudly enough to startle people in the next room. (Totally self-indulgent video of Charlie purring like a buzzsaw.  What the hell is … Continue reading

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My drag name is either Chartreuse Charmeuse or Marzipan San Antonio, depending on your metric.

Or possibly Snowflake Deermeadow.  If you’re wondering about the House of Charmeuse, the drag mom is Destiny Charmeuse, with daughters Chartreuse and Chanteuse.  We still have openings for Papoose and … Continue reading

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No big story for this one – I just thought the combination of fire and hammers would be a terrible plan for him.

His horseshoe didn’t go so well.   Actually, thinking back, I may have drawn this one right after seeing Act 1 of Il Trovatore, so I imagine the Anvil Chorus … Continue reading

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Sometimes these are drawn directly from shit my cat does.

Isn’t it sweet how he likes to ‘help’ me with my crocheting?   I particularly like the defensive look in his eyes – “What?  I didn’t do anything.  What makes you … Continue reading

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I swear I’ll mention mothers somewhere in here. Ranty ranty!

Which is a kind of abstinence, but not so much on purpose.  If everyone could teach their children to be super awkward and nervous and leery of the gender they … Continue reading

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