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For real this time, we’re starting the Tarot.

Again, the temptation to title it ‘The Fowl’ was strong, but my desire to not have to figure out a pun for every card was stronger.

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I was going to caption this ‘Neurotic Owl follows Suit’, but I lacked captions for the other two, so I left it off.

But now I’ve inflicted the terrible pun on you anyway.  YOU’RE WELCOME.

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Nope, THIS is the worst pun.

I won’t give the name of the person reponsible, I’ll just say that *somebody* commented on Facebook about my family having a history with ‘deserts’, and instead of being a … Continue reading

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This may be the worst thing I’ve perpetrated upon you, my six readers. Sorry.

I couldn’t resist.

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Same owl time, same owl channel.

This seemed like the right choice for a Friday post.  

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You are getting sleeeepy.

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Who doesn’t love math jokes?

Speaking of which, have we all read this?  I found it as a kid in one of my dad’s books (possibly a Frederick Pohl?  Maybe?) and I’ve never stopped finding … Continue reading

November 20, 2014 · 4 Comments

I think I drew him fatter than usual, but despots do generally get the best food, so why not?

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And needs a fainting couch.

I don’t recall where I picked up ‘neurasthenic’ — doubtless a Victorian novel of some description, since it wasn’t one of the many ways I died playing Oregon Trail.  Typhoid, … Continue reading

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Seriously, people. Don’t be dumbasses.

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