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He’s a placekicker for the Squids. Wait, is that the right sport?

November 8, 2014 · 3 Comments

He is Groot?

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Ia, Shub-Neuroticoth!

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I’m ashamed of myself.

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Brace yourselves. Language jokes are coming.

By which I mean more cartoons involving rhymes or slant rhymes or super loose slant rhymes if they still have the right rhythm in my head.  I’m on a kick, … Continue reading

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How many times can I use the same pun? SO MANY.

I was sad when I drew the first necrotic owl because I had just used up the best neurotic owl pun I would ever come up with.  Luckily, I’m not … Continue reading

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Also, I missed that terrible spacing. I totally meant to fix that. Oops.

You know how, sometimes you’re shopping for a birthday present for your friend J, and then you see a plushy stuffed beaver and think, “That’s a thing J needs!”  Then, … Continue reading

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Owlphonse Mucha, now with 50% more aitches.

I like this drawing better, too, as it happens, so everybody wins!

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Because didn’t you always want to see an owl in a chastity belt?

This is not going to help my Google search terms list.

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Saturday! Time for linkseseseses.

So I realize not everybody has the option of seeing Turrell’s work in person, and that’s a shame, since it just isn’t the same on film.  Still, since this is … Continue reading

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