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Nope, THIS is the worst pun.


I won’t give the name of the person reponsible, I’ll just say that *somebody* commented on Facebook about my family having a history with ‘deserts’, and instead of being a nice person who knew she meant ‘desserts’, I decided to go with the obvious Jew joke.  And now I’m just rubbing it in more.  I’m the worst.


Well, okay, I’m not that bad, but I still kind of suck.


Probably about that level of awful.  In my defense, she’s an ex-librarian and can, I think, take a mild typo joke, since she does actually know how to spell dessert.  I do try to keep track of which of my friends are legitimately dyslexic and not correct them, because that is a level of dickishness I hope never to achieve.

Still, Wonder Nerd powers activate!  Form of. . . a red pen!

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