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And now for something moderately different.

I’m working on a new calendar — which I doubt will be ready before New Year’s, but you guys are patient, right?  You won’t be ruled by the calendar in your calendar buying!  You’re wild-eyed mavericks who buy calendars when they damned well please!

Ahem.  As it happens, if you didn’t get last year’s calendar, it’s still available, and you pick the months, so you can make it this year’s.

Anyway, I’m doing something different this year.  All new art, large scale drawings with multiple characters, themed to the months (although some themes may depend on your knowing semi-obscure geek holidays), and I thought you might like to see the process as it happens.  februaryprelim

So this is my base drawing for February, scanned in but not otherwise altered.  I rarely use pencil to lay out the little drawings — I just grab a pen and go — but for these bigger, more complicated groups, an underdrawing seemed wise.  The red is because pencil is really hard to remove completely, and it’s too close to black to easily edit out, but red pen can just be selected and deleted in the computer.  Anyway, I like pen better.  It keeps me from getting too soft and sketchy and having trouble when I start to ink.

I wasn’t happy with the composition here, so I did a little rearranging and resizing.


MUCH better.  Next I’ll be adding in a dance floor and some background, and some pops of colour, then re-scanning before it’s ready.  February, I shall conquer you!

I’ve got 4 1/2 months right now in the prelim stage, so lots of work to go.  See you tomorrow!

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