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Reruns, but for a reason?


Quite a while back now, I sat down at a friend’s birthday party with a freshly acquired pack of ATCs, planning to doodle a decorative owl covered in swirly designs and flowers and whatever.  This happened instead, and then it kept happening, and then a blog happened.


And now I have, just, hundreds of these tiny cartoons, so it seems like a good time to put them together into a book.  (Seriously, so many.  I save them numbered, so I know that I have 460 in the owl folder, but there are also the ones on separate numbering systems — every other animal, the owlphabet, the tarot, Pride & Prejudice, other stuff I’m forgetting. . . )  I’ll be assembling and formatting for a while yet, but I thought I ought to let you know that that’s where some of my time is going.  Also day job, also side job, also general life, so.

It won’t be every single cartoon — some are too colour dependent, and colour is really damn expensive; some made sense with a story, but not alone; some I just don’t love anymore.  But a whole lot are making the cut, so don’t hold your breath for me to finish formatting soon.


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