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Step two: Utility belt of useful utility!

Remember when I said I needed to find fabric to make a utility belt?  Hahahahahahaha duct tape, bitches.  It is fabulous.

Anyway, forgive the slightly crumply pouches, that’s what happens when at least one and possibly two cats sleep on your projects.  They’ll plump back out once they’re full of baggies of nuts.  (BTW, if you’re at Comicpalooza Saturday the 18th and need quick protein, you know who to find.)

Anywoot, thrifted a webbing belt, covered it in ye olde duct tape, made pouches, used sticky-back velcro dots as closures.  I need to make 4-5 more pouches, but first I need to buy another roll of yellow tape.  I’m just lucky this isn’t the 90s, or I’d need to make thigh and arm pouches, too.

Curse you, Liefeld!


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