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Step one: acorn earrings.

I’m actually several steps past this now, but I want to ration these out and not blow my wad on the bestest bit right away.  (If you’re assuming the bestest bit is my new squirrel puppet, you are correct.)

Anyway, earrings!  Simple but filled with twee.

I ended up using these fabulous plastic bead cap/flower dealies I had floating in my stash, filling them with bright yellow model magic (left over from the marvelous pancake boobs adventure), then painting them with glass paint on the caps for texture, and two colours of nail polish.  Why model magic?  It’s just fucking weightless – even superlight Sculpey and paperclay weigh more, plus paperclay makes me crazy.  My nickel allergy used to mean that I could only buy sterling silver, but I’ve found that copper earwires are totally fine, and look how nicely they match!  This is obviously the easiest bit; I could have textured the caps more elaborately, but 1. they’re earrings, no one would ever see it, 2. I’m a lazy bitch, and 3. my ears sit so flat to my head that earrings are basically invisible unless I’m in profile, so meh.

What’s that you say?  Pancake boobs what now?

Don’t tell me EVERYBODY’s forgotten the Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical!

Listen, if you hire me to design costumes for a show with a sleazy pancake house called Stacks in the script, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.  Also, I look weirdly fantastic in that pancake headpiece.  I should really start wearing one all the time.



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