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Time to kick butts and eat nuts!

I just today decided that I can TOTALLY make Squirrel Girl happen before Comicpalooza, so I ordered the leotard, tights, and boots I needed, and now I am committed.

To do:

Find appropriate tail fur; make giant fucking tail

Get yellow webbing and fabric for utility belt; make utility belt; fill with nuts.

Find a denim jacket at one of Houston’s many fine thrift stores; dye brown; add fur.

Make cutesy wootsy ear headband.

Get cheap red bob wig.

Make adorable Sculpey acorn earrings.

Make giant acorn purse — embroidery hoops, plastic canvas, fabric

Cover Renfaire shoulder dragon puppet with soft sculpture squirrel suit.

Rejoice!  Oh, and learn all the lyrics to Squirrel Girl’s theme song.

3 comments on “Time to kick butts and eat nuts!

  1. Squirrel Girl is awesome!!

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