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Monthly Archives: July, 2013

RIP, my little friend.

All I have to say is that everything I dye at work right now has to be done twice because I’m working in ridiculous conditions with shitty equipment and no … Continue reading

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By the way, I really want an eggroll.

In fact, I had one at lunch, and I would still happily nom eggrolls for dinner all the damn time if health/sanity/the paucity of drive-throughs with good eggrolls allowed.  Sadly … Continue reading

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While I’m shaking things up. . .

  If you’re new around here or (heavens!) don’t read mah thingy everyday, you may be excused for missing the saga of Melanie and Steve.  It all began when I … Continue reading

July 17, 2013 · 2 Comments

Introducing: A new animal who may or may not ever be seen again.

  This was something of a special request this weekend.  If I recall correctly, (and I probably don’t) he was originally Impotent Rage Anteater, but I can only draw what … Continue reading

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Mostly because it’s less hot there (stupid Texas!  stupid global warming!), but they do also have prescription drugs and maple syrup/maple candy, and poutine, and cherry timbits.   Tiiiiiiiiiiimbits.  And moose. … Continue reading

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This is why I’m not allowed to go to Michael’s.

Because oh my god, this was on clearance and how could I not buy it?It’s insulated! It has plates!  And utensils!  And cups!  And napkins! The utensils have heart cutouts! … Continue reading

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I’m back, now with more parentheses!

There are three reasons this is a dumb question.  Well, okay, set of questions, since it’s almost invariably the irritating double-whammy of “Whatcha reading?  What’s it about?” 1. Almost no … Continue reading

July 13, 2013 · 1 Comment

Not tonight, dear. I have a headache.

Sorry, y’all!  I have more drawings, but they need scanning and cropping and suching and tonight I simply don’t give a rat’s.  I have exactly enough brainpower for wind-up toys. … Continue reading

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And he has wings of blue.

As am I — in fact, as of either tomorrow or Friday, I’m dyeing wool.  Yaaaaaaaaay. . . sad trombone.  The thing about dyeing is, usually if I fuck up, … Continue reading

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He only meant to use a leeeetle glitter.

I realize you can’t really tell because it’s a scan, but that multicolored stuff is totally glitter.  He figured, after yesterday’s brilliant necklace making, that he could move on to … Continue reading

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