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While I’m shaking things up. . .


If you’re new around here or (heavens!) don’t read mah thingy everyday, you may be excused for missing the saga of Melanie and Steve.  It all began when I glanced through Twitter to see if people were really that hilarious and maybe I should finally give in and join.  What I found was a tweet from The Bloggess requesting that people draw her a picture of a girl making out with a unicorn.  Naturally, I joined Twitter just so I could rise (sink?) to the challenge, and much hilarity ensued.unicorn:melanie There were a ton of awesome drawings, which you can see here

Aaaaanyway, I was at a friend’s going away party the other night and found myself wondering what ever happened to poor, deluded Melanie and Steve the Douchebag Unicorn, and because I am a terrible person and only cause my imaginary characters pain, it was this:


Still don’t know why she looks like (a skinny version of) me, nor why she has my super-elderly red flip phone.  Narcissism?  Self-loathing?  Too lazy to draw anyone else?

I promise I have not slept with any mythical creatures, and I’m not really a ‘I can fix him with my love!’ kind of girl.  Also, my home does not boast any tables that tiny or unstable, as my real life partner is a somewhat fat and clumsy cat.charliefootWell, really my foot’s life partner.  Charlie and my toes are in a committed, occasionally abusive relationship.  (When he tries to nom them/when I step on his paw because he put it UNDER MY FOOT, moron!)

The end.

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