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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

By the way, I really want an eggroll.


In fact, I had one at lunch, and I would still happily nom eggrolls for dinner all the damn time if health/sanity/the paucity of drive-throughs with good eggrolls allowed.  Sadly my only option for lazy instant eggrolls is Panda Express or Jack in the Lard, and they’re both terrible.  Getting out of the car and waiting for eggrolls at a restaurant is both embarrassing, unless I order lots of other food too, and enough like work that I give up, go home, and eat something moderately healthy.  So I guess that works out.

Also, I love the neon red sweet and sour sauce, and I don’t care who judges me.  Duck sauce is acceptable, but not the same.

That’s a lie, I totally care who judges me.  I just admitted to being too embarrassed to order two eggrolls and nothing else at a Chinese restaurant.


PS: I was thinking that this cartoon didn’t quite fit in, since I’ve mostly established him as loving egg dishes.  Apparently I couldn’t remember the first half of the word ‘eggroll’.  So proud.

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