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Sorry I was too tired last night. Have a bonus link!


He would have drawn the mascot on the flag if he knew what it was.


Since I’m currently working for my . . . wait, it’s not your alma mater if it’s grad school, is it?  Hang on.

Okay, finding mixed opinions on that, so moving on.  I’m currently working at my second alma mater, and while hanging out with other graduates of same, the question of school spirit came up.  I have none.  Never have, never will.  I am, on the whole, pleased with the schools I chose; in particular, I think Adelphi University’s tech program is pretty great.  I speak well of my past schools, but I don’t know their mascots, or fight songs, or colors.  It’s probably because I also don’t care about sports, which is what ‘spirit’ activities seem to center around, and also partially because I’m that jackass who sees both sides of everything and can never issue a superlative without a qualifier.

In other words, stop calling me, alumni associations.  I’m never giving you money.

Oh, hey, I almost forgot!  The Doubleclicks put out a new song & music video that is deeeeeelightful.  Watch it here!  I don’t think my submission made it in, both because they got a TON and because my sign didn’t quite answer the brief clearly enough (it was an answer to ‘what kind of geek are you’, but not a great one for the song, I don’t think) but my name scrolls by at the end in the thanks, so I’m calling it one degree of separation closer to a boatload of kickass people.

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