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Road Trip: the endening.

People are always astonished, not only at how throughly the crazy hits, but how quickly and thoroughly it gets fixed.  Half a pack of peanut butter crackers (or in this … Continue reading

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Road trip. Shit gets real, yo.

I’ll be back with the ending, but not till the week after next.  I’m going to be out of pocket next week, so don’t expect to see anything here in … Continue reading

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Road trip: The Downward Spiral.

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Road trip! In which we scare a cop with lady tears.

 Just to be clear, none of that crying and babbling was deliberate.  We had been on the road a long damn time and we were all pretty exhausted and miserable, … Continue reading

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Road trip part three! O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!

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Road trip!

This is a set of little anecdotes about a road trip I went on in grad school with two friends (names are changed, but if you knew me in school, … Continue reading

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Please don’t hate the new guy.

I realize he’s not as lovable as most, but can’t you find a place in your heart for a jellyfish? Just for clarity’s sake, because the facebook preview of this … Continue reading

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It’s in dialect. Aren’t you excited?

Actually, there are three different dialects, and some blank verse, and a short sung section.  That’s cool, right?  You won’t cut him off before the end?  It’s really the best … Continue reading

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This isn’t a real post. This is just a thing.

So I’ll get more cartoons scanned when I get home and do a real post then, but I was just thinking about this, and god forbid I have a thought … Continue reading

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Does anyone else refer to kneading as ‘making biscuits’?

Seriously, I just heard that phrase this summer, and it’s both charming and baffling.  It’s a lovely bit of imagery, but it seems like a thing you say once — … Continue reading

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