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Please don’t hate the new guy.


I realize he’s not as lovable as most, but can’t you find a place in your heart for a jellyfish?

Just for clarity’s sake, because the facebook preview of this guy led to some confusion, I love the Oxford comma.  I would lick the Oxford comma’s face if it had one; I would marry the Oxford comma and have tiny semicolon children.  My objection is not to ENTIRELY NECESSARY punctuation, correctly used, but to the endless papers I’ve seen in which the college! student has no clue what to do with a sentence and just strews commas about willy-nilly in the vague hopes of getting something right.

Also, the FB friend who suggested ‘Punctilious Jellyfish needs you to write tight’ has clearly either never read my ridiculous, multi-clause ramblings, or wanted to be a big meanie.  I’m assuming the former.

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