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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Or possibly a dot. One of those.


I was actually at an art auction this weekend (proceeds benefit Project Row House!), and got to chatting with a few acquaintances/friends of acquaintances/random artists, all of whom know my Mom, because she knows everybody, and naturally, I was drawing cartoons.  . . which is when the two other people in the conversation decided that I should put together many of my original cartoons in a large frame and submit it for the Hunting prize, which I would, of course, win.  Those people are, I’m pretty sure, crazy.

Anyway, after a few more people treated this like a not-insane idea I looked at the Hunting website, and I’m pretty sure putting together that many cards on a backing counts as assemblage rather than something like a tryptych (centych?), and that’s not acceptable to them, so never mind.  That being said, if I go crazy next year and decide to enter, I think I’d basically need to rule out a large sheet in 2.5″X3.5″ rectangles and redraw all the cartoons I want to include on that one sheet, which appeals to the obsessive in me, so maybe.  I will not win, and therefore I will not imagine how many books and bookshelves and pens and cat toys $50,000 would buy after I paid off my student loan (Hufflepuff!).

Still, obsessively redrawing 100 or so cartoons for no good reason?  That seems like a thing I would do.pompoms

(Let’s see.  One bag of pompoms is $1.99, so. . . )

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