Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Sorry, no cartoon yet.


I have some drawn, I swear, but I got busy last night re-ordering my Dad’s Hannukah present because I was reeeeally tired when I thought I placed the order a week and a half ago, and apparently not so much, and then Amazon lured me in with the promise of free shipping in exchange for buying more books, which is a pretty easy sell with me, and then I had to figure out WHICH books, and also movie, to fill out my cart.  This is why I hardly ever order from Amazon — they feed my addiction far too well.  I mean, if it’s a choice between spending $7 just on shipping, or getting more books. . .

Anyway, I failed to scan cartoons, but then I also slept terribly, so I have been duly punished.  You may make the rest of my day good, please, universe.charliehug

“I’m saving you from yourself.  Step away from Amazon.” — Sir Charlie McPoopypants

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