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Please don’t be frightened.

If you’re younger than I am, it’s possible you won’t know what this cartoon is about and will think something truly horrible, or at least deeply kinky, is going on. … Continue reading

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Lucy!!!!! No, the other one.

Because I wants to see Lucy the action movie, but I think it’s best I do so in private, where my loud groans every time someone says, “ten percent of … Continue reading

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How long do you think it’ll be before someone sends me a C&D? Ooh, I rhymed!

  Everything is beige except for his face.

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This is a rerun, because I’m too filled with rage to draw a cartoon about Hobby Lobby, and can’t talk about anything else today.

You’ve all heard by now, I’m sure.  5 of the 9 supreme court justices (unsurprisingly all men) have decided that corporations can have religious objections to, oh, say, women getting … Continue reading

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Buffering. Or maybe fluffering. Wait, no, that’s something else.

“The TV never needs to load.” – Lord Charlie Roundbelly of Lickington

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Reruns and riding hoods.

Ummm. . . so. . . I was not so much with the scanning last night because I got busy fixing the problems with my Rogue costume for an event … Continue reading

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I swear I’m not an owl hoarder.

Remember when, shortly after I started this blogtoon, I said that I don’t collect owls, am not obsessed with owls, and don’t want to end up owning thousands of owl … Continue reading

January 22, 2014 · Leave a comment