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I swear I’m not an owl hoarder.

Remember when, shortly after I started this blogtoon, I said that I don’t collect owls, am not obsessed with owls, and don’t want to end up owning thousands of owl tchotchkes?  Well. . .


Present from my. . . aunt-in-law?  Brother’s mother-in-law?  Awesome lady I know, whatever.image

The little bag (which currently holds my ATCs and pen for owl cartooning) was a gift from my kick-ass brother & his kick-ass beautiful wife.  The tissues were from my friend S, and no, I haven’t brought myself to use them yet, because cute!image

My fault.image

Also me.owlbag I’m a greedy owl hog.


You can’t tell, but there’s a tiny owl-themed teaset in this picture.  Also purchased by me, but in my defense, years before the cartoon thing started.

I also have a hand sanitizer in my desk with an owl on it from a coworker, and I’m not counting the dozens of times I’ve been at a store and squeed, “Owl!” and then forced myself to walk away.  Let’s just say it’s best if I don’t go into a Pier One anytime soon.

I’m not collecting, though!  Honest!

. . . crap.

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