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Reruns and riding hoods.

Ummm. . . so. . . I was not so much with the scanning last night because I got busy fixing the problems with my Rogue costume for an event Sunday, and also watching ‘Red Riding Hood’, which was not as terrible as I had been led to expect until the end, which was AWFUL.  Seriously, so bad.  The rest could have been a perfectly serviceable movie, even good in spots, but then the montages started and the whole thing went thump, dead on the floor.

I think I need to rewatch ‘Company of Wolves’ now, because dated SFX aside, THAT is a red riding hood movie done well.

Anyway, no new cartoons today, but since I was watching a fairytale movie last night, I thought I’d repost a few oldies.


That’s all.  For now.  red queen117  The Queen of Hearts disapproves of unpreparedness, and also sentence fragments.  Oh, wait, also these!

fairytale106 fairytale103 fairytale104 fairytale105

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