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This is a rerun, because I’m too filled with rage to draw a cartoon about Hobby Lobby, and can’t talk about anything else today.


You’ve all heard by now, I’m sure.  5 of the 9 supreme court justices (unsurprisingly all men) have decided that corporations can have religious objections to, oh, say, women getting free birth control through their insurance.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote an epic dissenting opinion, which you should all go read if you haven’t already, and my Facebook, at least, is awash with righteous anger.  I’m fucking livid, and if there was ever a chance I was going to shop at Hobby Lobby again, that ship has not only sailed but been hit by torpedoes.  Seems short-sighted of them — the vast majority of their patrons are vagina-carrying ladies, and yet they feel perfectly comfortable attacking us, not to mention the men who might want to sleep with us/hang out with us (my pill functions as a mild antidepressant more than anything)/not watch us suffer from issues like endometriosis that the pill can keep in check.  All of which is to say that if you’re not already boycotting, fucking do it.  I promise you can live without that one craft store in your life.

Because here’s the thing — we are half of the population (more when you include right-thinking men), and way more than half of their customer base.  We can punish them for this act of aggression against us, very easily, by taking our money elsewhere.

They are part of a dying breed, and they know it, and they’re scared.  Young people are trending more and more liberal, and the religious right does not like the future it’s seeing, and they’re striking out desperately to crush anyone who dares to think or live or worship differently than they do.  We will outlast them and we will continue to move forward.  We will fight for gay rights and women’s rights and freedom from religious oppression, and they will die out like the dinosaurs they are.  (Sorry, dinosaurs.)  It’s going to be hard and scary and we will lose more battles, but I have no doubt that we will win this war.  We will gain control of our own bodies and our own lives, as long as we don’t give up.  I have to believe that.  I can’t live with the alternative.


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