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HATS. Very impractical hats.


Hi, kids!  It’s been a while since I showed you any of the other stuff I do when I’m not drawing 2.5″x3.5″ cartoons, so behold!  Shinies!hat1

This one has actually become shinier since I took that picture — there’s additional stuff, and things, and possibly junk.  I’ll try to get a better picture this weekend (unless someone buys it first!  Ha, no one ever buys these).  That mysterious filigree piece on the side, holding the ‘feathers’, is actually the goblet and stem piece of a dollar store cake topper, because I find inspiration where I find it.  It gives me a Catherine the Great vibe — I have thus far resisted the temptation to put a tiny horse charm somewhere on it, mostly because I don’t have one, but my resolve could weaken at any time.hat2

More handmade feathers, a whole whackload of beads and tiny ribbon flowers, a doily, and what I think is supposed to be a decorative box corner?  I sincerely can’t decide which side of this one is the front — it’s goofier with the finding in front, more traditional with it in back.  I might just leave it reversible.  Again, I’ll aim to get a better shot this weekend, but no promises.

Oh, and a rerun cartoon, because appropriate:no149

You should just assume I look like that now.

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