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And then KITTEN.

image image image imageThis was an expensive weekend.  Saturday I took my car to the mechanic and oh, the pain.  So I’m thinking hard about budget and how I’m going to manage and what lunches I can make out of my existing pantry, and naturally I spent Sunday adopting a kitten instead.

Basically, I walked out my apartment door to find that little anime character on the porch, desperate to get in.  He followed me to my car and back twice while I was unloading stuff, and I was hoping he belonged to somebody?  On the second trip, I accidentally named him Mooch, and that was basically the end of him as a stray.

He actually made it into the apartment briefly, so I had to scoop him up and toss him out while keeping Charlie in, and then listen to the plaintive mewing outside the door.  And everyone on Facebook was all, “Ooh, kitten!  He’s yours now!  ADOPT THE KITTEN!”  So, all of you enabling bitches, please feel free to contribute to the kitten’s care by buying something from my etsy store, because this is partially your fault.

So we went to the vet and, $177 later, we are tested and vaccinated (partially; booster in three weeks.  Seriously, go buy something.), and headed home to see how the meeting with Charlie will go.


Not too badly, all things considered.

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