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Tomorrow is for twee. Today is for NOPE.


The logic chain as I recall it:  Chatting with friends about the children’s opera I’m working on (one guess which one), and how disconcerting rehearsal was because the ‘Boy’ had not yet shaved off his beard.  V: He could just cover it in makeup!  Me: We are not Cesar Romero-ing this thing.  V: ?  Me: Batman 66?  The Joker who covered his mustache in white makeup because he wouldn’t shave.  V: Oh, I was thinking of George Romero.  All: Bwahahahaha! Draw that thing!  V: I’m spleeeeeendid.

And now I’m probably on a watch list somewhere.

if you want to buy this horrible, horrible thing, hit Teepublic or Redbubble.  You monster.

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