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This is it! The day of twee!

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Memory is weird.  You know how, sometimes, a childhood incident gets turned into a story, and then after a while you’re not sure if it’s a real memory or the memory of the story?  This is like that.  My mother corroborates that a giraffe did steal my lunchbox on a school trip to the zoo, but would like everyone to know that she is not a monster and was only trying to pack me healthy lunches in the time before insulated bags and ice packs made that easier.  I would like to rebut that peanut butter and jelly on rye is just really, really gross.  Also, carob is not chocolate and fruit leather is not a fruit roll up.  We won’t even talk about the Frookies.



One comment on “This is it! The day of twee!

  1. Marty
    December 24, 2016

    Oy. The healthy (totally different from every other kid’s) lunch. I’m convinced they learned to do that in Jewish Mother school!

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