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A rerun about anxiety.


I have a few things drawn, but a friend was having trouble with anxiety last night and I suggested playing with LEGOs or jigsaw puzzles as a thing I find really soothing, and then of course I spent the evening starting a puzzle instead of scanning and editing art.  I regret NOTHING.

I’m thinking, though, that I know a lot of people with anxiety problems, plus all you people I don’t actually know but who know me thanks to my intense over sharing.  So, since every solution won’t work for every person, what do you do?

Reading works if I’m not too far gone and can still manage to focus on a book, but it needs to be something familiar, immersive, and comforting — the first Harry Potter book, for instance.

LEGOs and jigsaws both are really soothing for me – online jigsaws or bubble-shooter games can work okay on the go, but the feel of the pieces clicking together with the physical versions really helps.

Picking up a craft project can help, but it needs to be something fairly mindless and with no deadline.  Sorting my bead stash is really good, plus I end up with sorted beads.

I know lots of you don’t comment because you don’t want to do a WordPress account, but if you can, do.  I’ll transfer Facebook and Twitter suggestions here too (I use just your first initial to identify people here).

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