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Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Darn, I forgot to add some glitter.

I swear someday I’ll stop picking on bitchy Austin girl who haaates Houston and luuuurves Austin and tried to convince me that eating quinoa was the worst thing you could … Continue reading

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Arching her back really doesn’t do much.

Prepare yourselves – I have several cartoons stacked where MPO is a teensy bit of a douche.  I promise, it won’t last.  Still, while it does: ‘This Party Took a … Continue reading

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This will make no sense whatsoever unless you listen to the Thrilling Adventure Hour.

So you should obviously go do that.  It’s okay.  I’ll wait. Awesome, right?  Conversely, if you ended up here because a friend who knows you love TAH shared the link, … Continue reading

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Special request time!

An old friend asked for a pirate owl, although I have a feeling this isn’t exactly what she was expecting.  Sorry, T!  My brain works in very specific (if somewhat … Continue reading

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Owlphonse Mucha, now with 50% more aitches.

I like this drawing better, too, as it happens, so everybody wins!

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The Inexplicable Life and Death of Neurotic Owl

  So, once upon a time this happened: Which may or may not have led to this: But it’s all okay now, because this happened! I hear it’s a magical … Continue reading

October 9, 2013 · 1 Comment

Seriously, this cat idea is never going to work out well for him.

In completely unrelated news, guess who just got a flu shot and didn’t freak out or cry or anything?  This girl!  Also, I have two thumbs, so that’s good. I … Continue reading

October 8, 2013 · 2 Comments

Then some more happened, so that’s ok.

Remember how, weekend before last, I was all, “All work and no play makes Neurotic Owl something something” and said that posting would be a bit sketchier?  And then, immediately … Continue reading

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Maybe one day? Really, this was just the most festive cartoon I drew last week.

Of course, I don’t have a cock to go with my frock and rock, but I guess I could take a toy one with me.  Or possibly a mini-Beyonce. Anyway, … Continue reading

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I feel like this one might merit explanation.

If, for some reason, like never having been a determinedly romantic and dreamy 13-year-old girl, you aren’t familiar with Dante Gabriel Rosetti, behold: I love a painter who picks one … Continue reading

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